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Detail and hidden humor are the emphasis of Hal Robinson's clever and witty pen and ink cartoon drawings.  Robinson was a free lance cartoonist and illustrator of exceptional talent.

Harold (Hal) Robinson (1928-1984) has been published nationally and internationally for over 60 years. He drew for such magazines as "Easyrider", "In the Wind", "Iron Horse", "Cycletoons", and "Cartoons." Two famous characters he drew for  "Easyrider" were "Miraculous Mutha" and "Red Rider." There are many more. He did many creative and hilarious panel jokes about bikers, their lifestyle and was a very clever political cartoonist.

He illustrated many motorcycles. In his very early days he was a sign painter and worked for the phone company. He was offered a job with Buzza Cardoza Greeting Cards in the 1960's through a card illustration contest in the mail.

Many cartoonists have copied his style. He was the originator of a characterization of a town or city. He drew "Seal Beach" and "Avalon". More than 500 hours of painstaking pen and ink swirls and turns were taken for each drawing. Both were done in the early 70's.


 "Avalon" by Hal Robinson
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