Panel Jokes

75 Percent of All Accidents

A 'lil Suspicious

A Real Sissy Bar

Anti Theft Chain

Anything Else, Sir?

Aren't Your ears Warm Yet?

Arrest That Guy

Bad Shit On Bartender

Been Buggin Me

Being A Prospect Was Rough

Bet They Wont Deliver It

Big White Sale

Biker Obtains Beer

Book for Littering

Bring Me A Brew

Burt Reynolds, You're Not

Closing Time Fellas

Cool It With Those Whites

Crabs Still Bothering You?

Da Hemlet's Under Da Hair

Der Schmidt House

Dropped My Roach

Dry As A Bone

Eligible For Stamps

Explain The Chief

Fair and Just

Freeway's A Joke

Get Enough Dough

Get Your Ass Out of Here

Got To Be A Nark